coffee and bikinis

A new trend hitting Orange County cafes is creating quite a stir... Java spots like Cafe Lu and Cafe Di Vang 2 are apparently packed day and night with customers, although all they're serving up is coffee, tea and smoothies. Oh, and cleavage: Sexy cafes are Little Saigon's twist on Hooters.

I'd like to think the secret's in the coffee, but I'm pretty sure it can be attributed to an extremely clever marketing strategy: scantily-clad waitresses in tube tops, micro mini skirts and stiletto heels. And it appears to be working. Hell, the coffee could taste like dirt water and I doubt it would really matter.

They're calling it "Asian Hooters for coffee." The clientele is -- surprise, surprise -- mostly male. And the trend is blowing up. This particular cafe culture is reportedly springing up Little Saigons in other cities outside of Orange County. More here: Sexy New Vietnamese Cafes.

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