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SF Stories, written and directed by Raul Jocson, is an independent feature film about the lives and adventures of "losers" living in San Francisco. Their stories are told through a series of nine short films that shift focus among various supporting characters while presenting the developing relationship of the two lead characters throughout.

The film is currently in post-production, and they're looking for bands and musicians to contribute to the movie's soundtrack. Specifically, Asian American musicians, or at least musicians from the Bay Area. So they're putting the call out. According to the movie's website:
Update. Chong's working on the edit, and I'm searching for music for the soundtrack. I've already got a couple of awesome leads, but we'll definitely need more. What I'd really like is a great collection of music that can stand alone as a listening album in its own right and that somehow embodies San Francisco or Asian-Americans or both. Basically, I just want cool music.

What I want to stay away from are the typical indie cliches such as

1) Moody atmospheric instrumental music. Often performed by a single saturnine synthesizer pondering the lengths of its existence.

2) Punchy guitar-strummed indie folk music whose bright-eyed rhythms give hipsters a raison d'etre to face yet another day.

3) John Mayer

Well, John Mayer isn't an indie movie cliche. But I don't like his music.

So if y'all have any leads on music, email me an email at sfstories@rjwriter.com.
So if you're an Asian American musician who does not play "moody atmospheric instrumentals" or "punchy guitar-strummed indie folk," and you're not, um, John Mayer, maybe your music is the right fit for the SF Stories soundtrack. To learn more about the film, go here.

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