moca's chinatown film project premiere

Here's news about an extremely cool event happening this week: The Chinatown Film Project, the inaugural film exhibition of the Museum of Chinese in America. Ten of New York's most exciting filmmakers present their unique vision of the mysterious, elusive, vibrant, iconic community known as Chinatown. It's happening Wednesday, July 1 at MoCA. Some details:
MOCA's Chinatown Film Project Premiere

Wed, Jul 1 from 7pm - 9:30pm

Chinatown is an evocative place. It exists in our cities, in our imaginations, on our television screens, and in our memories. It is at once a sprawling, vibrant immigrant community and a forgotten strip mall of buffet restaurants. Chinatown is the ultimate Hollywood metaphor and a space where families still live.

The Chinatown Film Project tackles Chinatown's elusiveness and its stereotyped representations by constructing new images for the viewer. The project starts locally, where we ask ten of New York's most exciting filmmakers to present their unique visions of this global icon.

Featuring ten original short films:
The Guy with the Cigarette - directed by Miguel Arteta
Church Basement Bomb Shelter - directed by Patty Chang
New York Night Scene - directed by Jem Cohen
Kiwi Lotion - directed by Cary Fukunaga
I Can’t Wait - directed by So Yong Kim & Bradley Rust Gray
Fortune Cookie - directed by Amir Naderi
Chinatown: In Their Own Words - directed by Sam Pollard
Five Approaches - directed by Shelly Silver
Sunday at 6 - directed by Rose Troche
Tuesday - directed by Wayne Wang & Richard Wong

Special Opening Trailer directed by Richard Wong

Screening followed by Q&A and reception.

Tickets: General Admission $20; MOCA members $15. Please email education@mocanyc.org or call (212)619-4785 for more information and to purchase tickets.

Museum of Chinese in America
215 Centre Street
New York City
That's extremely solid lineup of filmmakers. This is going to be a really interesting evening, so make plans to be there. For more information, visit the MOCA website here. Also watch this cool musical introduction to the Chinatown Film Project, directed by Richard Wong, here. You can also view (and take part in) the Chinatown Film Project over at MOCA's YouTube channel.

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