win jienan yuan's we saw everything ep

Anybody want some free stuff? We Saw Everything, the debut EP from Jienan Yuan, will be released next week from "Actually, Records."

Five songs of bittersweet, melancholic melodies and lyrics, with a very cool, atmospheric indie-pop sound. I've only had the chance to give it a few listens, but I'm hearing something new with each spin, and I like it. Here's Giant Robot's review blurb:
"Yuan's melancholy pop makes rainy days, messy breakups, and shitty jobs beautiful. "Glint" and "No Lands Man" have soft vocals and delicate guitars that channel the spirit of Bread. "Because SK" and "Walking Between The Lines" are pure atmosphere, with straight-up piano and synthesizer, respectively. Both songs are cinematic, but nothing compared to "Magdalena Avenue." The final track starts off as a field recording of footsteps, muffled voices, and distant cars, but Yuan's piano hints at a narrative. The effect is haunting and awesome."
Guest appearances on We Saw Everything include contributions from Ted Flynn (Hope in Ghosts), Jarrod Whittington (The Red Wheelbarrow, Captain Exploder), Carly Oishi (Oishi), and Jon Monteverde (XYZR_KX).

Some behind the scenes info: The record was actually supposed to be released a while back, but was delayed because Jienan's wife gave birth to twin girls. So understandably, he had a lot going on, and plans got delayed.

Also, the EP includes the track "Walking Between the Lines," which originally appeared the Apple Inc/Cherry Sky Films short film of the same name, directed by my old high school buddy Vincent Tsu. The disc's cover art is actually a still from the film.

Want to win a copy of We Saw Everything? I'm giving away the EP to five lucky readers. All you have to do is email me with your name, mailing address, and the answer to this simple question: What is the title of Jienan Yuan's forthcoming full-length album? Be sure to include WE SAW EVERYTHING in the subject line. I'll accept entries until the end of Friday, June 26, then randomly draw five winners. Cool?

If you're not interested in trying your luck in the giveaway, you can order the EP now from CD Baby. To learn more about We Saw Everything and Jienan Yuan's music, go to the website here.

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