2009 comic-con recap: part two

So you've perused through part one of my Comic-Con recap. Here's the second half. Behold, two giant Ugly Dolls, just standing there, wobbling side to side, chillin' at Comic-Con. They were a big hit, and everyone wanted to take a picture with them. That's Big Toe and Babo, I think.

Also near the Ugly Dolls booth, I spotted Spider-Man and the Black Cat. Yes, Felicia Hardy is an Asian girl. Hey, at Comic-Con, you can be anyone you want to be. Don't know who's under the Spidey mask though. Pretty good costumes, but pretty tame compared to some of the crazy stuff I saw wandering around the main floor.

You can always count on Giant Robot. These guys have been coming to Comic-Con for years and years, and it remains an extremely popular booth, offering their unique brand of cool toys, books and shirts to eager Con-goers.

I bought Cursiv, "a book of dirty drawings by David Choe." Then I got it signed by the dirty drawer himself, who was hanging out in the Giant Robot booth. I don't think he was enjoying Comic-Con too much, but he paused to pose for this photo.

Right next door, the Secret Identities booth! Half the reason why I came to Comic-Con in this year -- to support these guys. That's Jerry Ma, Jeff Yang, Parry Shen and Keith Chow, the editors of the Secret Identities, the Asian American superhero anthology.

Secret Identities shared a booth with Jerry's art/design company, Epic Proportions. Jerry hooked up me up with one of his newest designs, Devil Mask He's got a bunch of really cool t-shirt designs, so take a look here.

Here's the listing for the Epic Proportions/Secret Identities booth in the Comic-Con Events Guide. No respect. Unfortunately, Larry Shen was nowhere to be seen. Editor/actor Parry Shen, however, was on hand and happy to meet fans at the booth.

Hey, there appears to be a line starting to form around the Secret Identities booth. Who or what are all these (mostly male) Con-goers waiting to see?

It's actress Kelly Hu, who contributed the character "Jia," with superstar artist Cliff Chiang, in Secret Identities. They were both hanging around at the booth on Saturday afternoon to meet fans and sign autographs.

Here's Keith doing some serious hustling to sell Secret Identities to this curious young lady. She had wandered over to the booth after seeing the sign for "Asian American Superhero Anthology," and Keith started going into all the reasons why she should get the book. I witnessed the whole thing. She ended up buying a copy. Nice, Keith.

While walking the exhibit hall floor, I was pleased to find out that actor C.S. Lee, who plays Vince Masuka on Showtime's Dexter, would be making an appearance to meet fans and sign autographs. Not only that, but Masuka has his very own...

Bobblehead! Available from Entertainment Earth. How cool is that? You know I had to pick one up. They also had a Comic-Con exclusive Benjamin Linus bobblehead. Yes, I got one of those too.

And of course, I got my Masuka bobblehead signed by C.S., who was rocking a red FRA t-shirt. Turns out, the guy has crazy fans. While I was standing in line, I chatted up the people around me, and a lot of folks were saying that Masuka is their favorite character on Dexter. It was fun to see him get the recognition and fan adoration he deserves.

It was a long, tiring day. But extremely fun for this fanboy. I'll leave you with this photo of the saddest Skeletor I've ever seen. I actually saw this guy at least year's Comic-Con, and noted then how sad his costume was. Turns out, Unemployed Skeletor comes to Comic-Con every year, wearing his sad, sad, costume. And as you can see, he's looking for work. Times are tough. See you at next year's Comic-Con, Skeletor.

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