clifford banagale as "diesel" in bruno

So, earlier this week, I caught a screening of Bruno, the latest movie from comedy chameleon Sacha Baron Cohen, which opens in theaters this Friday. The movie follows a flamboyant Austrian fashionista trying become famous in America. It's basically like Borat, except, you know... gay.

What can I really say about this movie? There are funny moments, but without a doubt, it will offend the sensibilities of many people, on a lot of levels. Lots of crude jokes (two words: talking penis), but overall, I didn't think it was a very complete or satisfying movie experience.

But I bring it up here because of Clifford Banagale, who has a brief role in the beginning of the movie as Bruno's lover, Diesel. Things don't last too long between them, and Diesel ends up dumping Bruno, but not before we are given a quick montage of the couple engaging in lots of vigorous and athletic sex.

Like most of what transpires in the movie, the scene is very graphic, outrageous and intended to shock -- and it occurs fairly early in the film. I just thought I'd prepare you, and note that he's really the only Asian face in the movie. You will never look at a bottle of champagne the same way again.

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