family fight lands kids in foster care

No one should be allowed to hit their kids. No one. But I can't help but feel sympathy for the entire family in this awful situation. Two children from Palo Alto, California were taken from their parents last month and placed in a foster home in Nebraska after a family fight near Omaha: Palo Alto parents fight for children's return from Nebraska foster care.

The bizarre chain of events began when the couple -- Suwen Wang and his wife Charlotte Fu -- traveled to Nebraska last month so their 12-year-old daughter, Alice, could be honored in an international art competition. On June 6, a witness told police the parents had hit their son, 13, while their car was parked on a road outside Omaha:
According to police, a witness saw Fu get out of their car and punch the boy, sitting in the back seat, in the face several times. The couple's Omaha attorney, Michael Nelson, said "there was an incident with their son. He was needling his sister, and they pulled over to discipline him," he said. "He used an expletive to his mom, but beyond that I can't go into specifics."

Nelson said the incident lasted "probably for 20 minutes or so, as they lectured the son. A witness made the call after watching from their front lawn."

After the boy allegedly pushed his mom away, police said, Wang turned around from the front seat and also hit him several times in the face. Nelson said the boy was not treated for any injuries. Wang and Fu were arrested and kept in jail for two nights before posting a $250 cash bond each, said Nelson, adding that they had not been formally charged in the abuse case.
Last week, authorities in Nebraska agreed to turn over the case to child welfare officials in Santa Clara County, so at least the children won't be stuck out of state and can return to the Bay Area. It remains to be seen whether of not they'll eventually be allowed to go back with their parents: Palo Alto kids will be returned to Santa Clara County; may not go home.

According to the mom, the "ultimate victim" in all this is 12-year-old Alice, who probably won't be able to travel to South Korea next month as part of the international art contest that firs brought her Omaha. It's unclear whether Santa Clara County child-welfare officials will allow the family to travel out of the country: Young artist's mom sees her daughter as 'ultimate victim' paying steep price.

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