"jackie chan" gets picked up by the cops

No, not the real Jackie Chan. This is a ridiculous, infuriating story out of Indiana, about an immigrant refugee with mental and medical disabilities who went missing for thirty-five hours, much to the concern of his loved ones.

Meanwhile, while they frantically searched for him, he ended up getting picked up by the cops, arrested for public intoxication... and ridiculed by police: Police knowingly misidentify man in custody.

Authorities apparently booked the man into the lockup as "Jackie Chan." Very funny, officer. You've got a mentally unstable Asian man, so you decide to have a little fun and name him after the only other Asian name you can think of. That's racist!

Okay, it's not the same thing as a straight-up racial slur, but they sure as hell aren't helping a guy who needs help. It looks like the Lawrence Police Department is in need of some serious sensitivity training -- at the very least.

There's a Deputy Chief interviewed for this news report who says he doesn't find the made-up name (or the term "Oriental") offensive or discriminatory at all. Yes, these are the people who supposed to protect and serve you, good citizens. You've got to be kidding me.

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