sotomayor on the internment of japanese americans

Have you been following along with the Judge Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation hearings? I haven't. But Martin writes in to point out a brief exchange from today, where Sotomayor spoke about rulings made during wartime:
Never Rule From Fear | 3:04 p.m. In trying to get at rulings made during wartime, Senator Feingold mentions the World War II decision Korematsu v. United States (in 1944), which permitted the detention in camps of citizens of Japanese descent. (A brief explanation of the case here.)

"A judge should never rule from fear," Judge Sotomayor says in a very strong voice. "A judge should rule from the law and the Constitution." She calls it "inconceivable" that a decision today would permit the arrest and detention of people based solely on their race.
Thought that was a brief but significant moment to point out. Inconceivable, indeed. To read the full New York Times live blog from today's proceedings, go here. The extended grilling continues tomorrow.

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