the stupidest thing I've ever seen II

When you come across things like this, you just don't know what to do. After you get over the initial w-t-f moment... then what? Get angry, and tell everyone else to get them angry, at the risk of giving it more publicity than it deserves? Or just ignore it altogether? I'm sorry, but I can't ignore this.

I'm talking about this shit-ass-looking movie, Golden Blade III. I swear, I'm not making this up -- this is the actual poster for an actual movie. And if you think that's bad, watch the crappy trailer. I don't even want to know if there's an actual Golden Blade parts I or II.

Need to suffer more? Here's the movie's website.

It's obvious that the people involved with this have an unhealthy appreciation for martial arts flicks... but seriously lack respect for Asian culture... or Asian people, for that matter. Or maybe they don't actually know any Asians who told them to shut this shit down. All I saw was a lot of racial mockery. That's racist! (Thanks, Koji.)

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