"authentic asian canine cuisine"

Some weird news out of the Toronto area about some freak with too much time on his hands printing up joke menus for a fictional restaurant serving up "authentic Asian canine cuisine" and leaving them around a dog park as a joke: Dog menu leaves bad taste.

The menus for the non-existent Dog Liver Cafe are the work of a retired architect named Mel Glickman, who says he's "just poking fun at Asians eating dog meat." He printed up about a hundred menu flyers and started posting them and handing them out to dog owners in his neighborhood.

The guy sounds like a bit of a weirdo, and really starving for attention. He admits himself that he has a lot of time on his hands. I guess the sad sack just got bored and decided to offend everyone in the neighborhood. Well, he got what he wanted -- everyone is talking about the Crazy Dog Menu Guy. More here: Prankster's pooch menu no joke for dog lovers.

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