beware the enfamil bandits!

Last week in Colorado, a grand jury indicted the men and women of an organized crime ring, accusing them stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from retailers and reselling it on the internet. Their black market specialty? Baby formula. They're the Emfamil Bandits: Suspected 'Enfamil Bandits' Indicted For Baby Formula Thefts.

For over a year, the "Enfamil Bandits" loaded up shopping carts with dozens of cans of baby formula at Target, Safeway, Albertson's, King Soopers and Wal-Mart and left without paying. The group then sold the baby formula at a cheaper price to people either by word of mouth or through the Internet.

Slick, but you got caught. The nine suspects were indicted on 78 counts, including racketeering. They were identified as Tam Huynh, 45; Thuy (Tien) Nguyen, 38; Do Hieu, 37; Erica Martinez, 26; Joseph Nieto, 21; Matthew Nieto, 27i; Vinh Van Vu, 28; Hahn Thi Tran, 39; and Kieu Tri Huynh, 47. They're the Emfamil Bandits!

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