booboo stewart is seth clearwater in the new twilight movie

I do not understand the Twilight phenomenon, but also fully realize that I'm probably not a part the core demographic that made it the enormously popular book/movie series that it's become. This is a speeding train that's going to pass me by, and I'm totally okay with that.

Anyway, last week, Summit Entertainment announced that 15-year-old BooBoo Stewart has been cast as Seth Clearwater in the third movie The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, to be released next summer: Julia Jones Cast as Leah Clearwater and BooBoo Stewart Cast as Seth Clearwater in Eclipse.

BooBoo, who has a ridiculous name -- but hey, that's his journey -- is reportedly of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Native American ancestry. He's a former member of Disney's T Squad(?), and has a bunch of TV and movie credits under his belt. Have fun being a werewolf, kid.

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