the cambodia project

The Cambodia Project is an organization that serves to provide secondary education and bring a better life to youth in rural Cambodia. For the next month, the Cambodia Project is participating in the Global Open Access Challenge hosted by Global Giving.

With the right support, they have the potential to benefit over 100,000 Cambodian children by helping to improve the local economy, create jobs and ultimately undo the damages done to the Cambodian education system by the Khmer Rouge.

But they need your help. Here's how you can do your part:
1. Donate: Donations are always appreciated. Even amounts as low as $10’s or $20’s go a long way in bringing education to poverty stricken children. Donate through http://www.globalgiving.com/projects/thecambodiaproject/

2. Personal Contacts: Email your closest friends and families, urging them to support the Cambodia Project as we strive to bring change to rural Cambodia.

3. Groups: If you are a member of groups or organizations, urge members to participate as well. Post spread the word on forums and list serves or contact a few members you know personally.

4. Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Youtube: Social media is a great resource in spreading awareness: make this your status/tweet/etc of the week: check out CPI on Global Giving http://bit.ly/CPIGlobalGiving. We're selling education, are you buying?
To learn all about the work that The Cambodia Project is doing in rural Cambodia, go to the website here. And to donate to the project, even in the smallest amount you can give, visit the Global Giving website here: Building Secondary Schools in Rural Cambodia.

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