enter the dragon remake... starring rain?!

A few years back, you might remember news about an Enter the Dragon remake I was pretty upset about. Because Hollywood does not listen to me, it looks like they are going through with it... and they've offered the role made famous by Bruce Lee to none other than Korean singer/actor Rain: Warners offers Bruce Lee role to Rain.

Seriously? Nothing against Rain, but this whole project is still a stupid, futile idea. As I've said before, I just don't understand why Enter the Dragon needs to be remade. Hell, it's already been unofficially remade/ripped off a dozen times over, in the form of countless "underground martial arts tournament" movies, from Bloodsport to Balls of Fury.

On the other hand, they might as well make it and be done with it. Warner Brothers might be calling it a remake of Enter the Dragon, but there's very little that actually resembles the original movie. I mean, 99% of what made that movie so awesome is embodied in Bruce Lee. Without him, it's just another martial arts movie.

So... Rain, Warner Brothers, you can have your so-called Enter the Dragon remake, or whatever you plan on calling it. Oh, and while I'm on the topic of Rain, here's a Hollywood Reporter story from a few weeks back on the recent trend of Korean actors making the jump to Hollywood: Korean stars take their shot at Hollywood.

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