italian thief gets his ass kicked by korean tourists

Be warned, thieves: Do not mess with Korean tourists. In Rome, a would-be thief thanked police officers for arresting him and saving him from angry Korean tourists he attempted to rob: Italian thief thanks police for rescuing him from his victims.

The thief reportedly stole a handbag from a Korean family when they weren't paying attention. He threatened the family with a knife when he was spotted and then tried to flee. But he didn't get very far.

Two men from the family, in their twenties, chased him for several hundred metres before they got him down with taekwondo moves. They disarmed the thief and continued to beat him until a patrolling police officer intervened.

Street justice! This guy is not only a bad thief, he messed with the wrong Korean tourists. How do you like that? You better be thanking the cops, fool. If you ask me, he got the beatdown he deserved.

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