it's official: that marie claire article sucks

Lots of people buzzing and commenting this week on that idiotic Marie Claire article on Asian women being The New Trophy Wives. I posted a lazy link earlier this week without further commentary because 1) It's a tired topic. 2) It's a ridiculously awful article. Fantastically stupid.

The article's author, Ying Chu, fundamentally fails all over the place. And everyone seems to agree. Here are my favorite, inspired asskickings of the article:

Joz from 8Asians: "I think it’s pretty funny that Chu refers to all these "accomplished Asian women" throughout the article as simply "trophies," "foxy," and being "more than exotic arm candy." By stating as fact that these Asian women are status symbols and commodities, Chu, on one hand, tries to dispell a myth -- but she uses the other to confirm it."

Latoya Peterson at Jezebel: "It doesn't really put forth any information about the women who seem to be the subjects of the article. It speculates about their motivations and agency, but doesn't provide any evidence. It broaches a discussions fetishization but does not seem to take into account that people enter into relationships for all kinds of reasons."

Jen at Disgrasian: "But, for me, the idea put forth in the Marie Claire piece that really chaps my ass is its closing line: 'Asian women dating white men may never really know if it's a fetish thing.' Um, excuse me? Really? So Asian women are not only submissive Suzie Wongs and geishas, we're also fucking brain-dead, too?"

Nina Rastogi at doubleXX: "Lumping all of these couples together and then reducing their individual complexities to the point where it's purely a racial calculation isn't helpful or illuminating. I mean, take Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn, the couple that the piece leads off with. Does anyone out there really think the most problematic, uncomfortable part of that relationship is the racial difference?"

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