kollaboration acoustic 3: "heal the world"

The Kollaboration crew does it again! Check out this great cover of "Heal the World", shot all around the world, featuring the performers from Kollaboration Acoustic 3 -- Alfa, Mike Isberto, Jinah Kim, Gerald Ko, Megan Lee, Yoori Park, Susanna Yoon -- happening August 22 at the Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood.

I'm going to be honest -- and don't hate me for saying this -- this has never been one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs. I kind of dislike it. A lot. But I love this cover, and the collaboration from these performers. Great stuff.

It gets sort of kumbaya near the end, but it also perfectly captures what I love about the Kollaboration movement: spotlighting up-and-coming Asian American artists and letting them shine. For more information about Kollaboration Acoustic, and to purchase tickets, visit the website here.

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