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The Palos Verdes Peninsula's last farmer: James Hatano has been growing crops in Palos Verdes for more than 50 years -- the last link to an area dotted with farms worked by Japanese immigrants -- and when he retires, a century-old tradition will end.

Girl's death called suicide: The death of 16-year-old Elizabeth Mun, who was found in a shallow stream after leaving a underage drinking party, has been ruled a suicide -- but alcohol apparently did not play a role.

Tough Times for Head of Elite RI Design College: Prolific, highly-respected graphic designer John Maeda turned a lot of heads when he became president of the Rhode Island School of Design, but he heads into his second year with some serious turmoil brewing.

Two worlds blend uneasily in Koreatown: The Los Angeles Times has a story on all the hip, hot and glitzy new developments in Koreatown... which happen to be booting out longtime residents and shopkeepers, priced out by luxury apartments and retail chains.

Transnational Adoption and the "Financialization of Everything": Conducive has a great series of articles on transnational Asian adoption, written by adoptees. Another one here: International Adoption and the Fight for Human Rights. And here: Trading in Babies.

Top 10 Asian-Run Companies: As part of Inc.'s annual Inc. 5000 list, a rundown of the top companies in the United States, it also highlighted the top ten Asian-run companies.

Search for teachers goes overseas: This is another public radio story on how school districts across America are increasingly turning their focus outside the United States -- The Philippines, in particular -- to fill certain teaching jobs.

Outed blogger Rosemary Port blames model Liskula Cohen for 'skank' stink: Rosemary Port, the once-anonymous blogger of Skanks of NYC, was outed when a court order forced Google to reveal her identity in a defamation suit filed by Liskula Cohen.

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