national aapi call-in day for health care reform

Here's the deal. The Asian American and Pacific Islander community needs quality affordable health care. One in six Asian Americans and one in four Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders are uninsured. Even with coverage, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders experience disparities in health outcomes and quality of care.

On Wednesday, August 19th, the Asian American Justice Center, the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum, and the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum will be hosting a national AAPI Call-in Day to support health care reform. The AAPI Call-in Day will give members of the AAPI community the opportunity to raise their voices together to tell Congress to support quality affordable health care for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders:
Call your Senator and Representative on August 19th and ask them to:

1. Ensure fair treatment of legal immigrants: Congress should treat legal immigrants the same as everyone else by including them equitably in the subsidy structure, removing waiting periods for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program, and ensuring that tax-paying immigrants have the same opportunity to access affordable health care.

2. Enact a Public Plan Option: Everyone should be able to participate in our health care system and pay their fair share for health coverage. A public health insurance option would allow more Asian American and Pacific Islander families to purchase affordable health insurance.

3. Cover All Children and Pregnant Women: Despite the recent expansion of the Children's Health Insurance Program, at least five million children will still be uninsured. No child in America should have to go without health coverage.
More info to come. For now, mark your calendar for next Wednesday and spread the word to your friends and networks about AAPI Call-in Day. Your voice needs to be heard! For more information, contact Alice Dong at adong@advancingequality.org, Priscilla Huang at phuang@napawf.org or Deeana Jang at djang@apiahf.org.

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