nip/tuck promo's super sexy asian sweatshop

What the hell is up with all the Asian imagery in this promo for the upcoming sixth season of Nip/Tuck? If you're not familiar with the show, it's about a duo of plastic surgeons and the sometimes grotesque surgeries they perform.

Many thanks to Daniela, who spotted this and points out the "short black wigs, cheongsam-inspired red dresses, heavily made-up eyelids and chopsticks-in-hair who are sewing, assembly-line style, the 'perfect body.'"

Basically, a super-sexualized Asian sweatshop. It all adds up. Most of the women in the promo aren't even Asian -- they're just made to look like they are. The woman in white at the head of the table is certainly Asian.

Make no mistake -- they're definitely trying to evoke a stereotypical sweatshop, where the "China Doll" labor is submissive, identical and disposable. That's racist! And tasteless, considering the thousands who toil away in actual sweatshops.

If you feel like letting the network know how you feel about this commercial, you can email FX at user@fxnetworks.com (the generic contact listed on the website). Chances are, they could probably care less. But it's a start.

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