no, I'm not the f@#$ing delivery guy

Chinese American journalist Thomas Lee shares his recent experience of going in to interview the president of a large manufacturing company and being mistaken by the receptionist as the Chinese food delivery guy. Oh no, she didn't: Here's a tip: Think before you insult.

Oh yes, she did. Lee says that he was wearing a dress shirt, black slacks and black dress shoes. Granted, he was sporting a backpack and sunglasses. Maybe that's what threw her off. But how many people deliver Chinese food out of a friggin' backpack? Let's not pretend: Thomas got profiled.

The receptionist realized the error of her assumption, and fumbled through an awkward, embarrassed explanation. Nice try, lady. Lee just walked away shaking his head over the ridiculousness of the incident... and no doubt, armed with good fodder for his next piece for the Star-Tribune.

Unfortunately, other Asian Americans will probably find this experience all too familiar. The sad fact is, for many, some folks' only interaction with Asian people is limited to the guys delivering takeout. Perhaps Thomas should've been wearing this shirt, just to avoid confusion.

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