photoshop fail: microsoft's polish site

Microsoft apparently believes a smiling white man is more marketable than a black man... in Poland. I know a lot of you got a big kick out of this ridiculous Photoshop Fail with the random Asian kid pasted into the smiley Caucasian family. This Microsoft ad takes it to a whole other level of fail.

In the original image, you've got an Asian guy, a Black guy, and a white lady. However, on Microsoft's Business Productivity page in Poland, the Black gentleman's head has been swapped out with a smilin' white dude: Microsoft Poland Demonstrates Hilariously Bad Photoshop Skills.

Do note that it's just his head that's been Photoshopped. They didn't even bother switching out the dude's hand! You've got a Caucasian face with a black man's hand. Silly. Dude, if you don't want any Black people in your photo, just use another photo. This is embarrassing.

Should I just be happy that the Asian guy was deemed Polish-safe, and not Photoshopped out completely?

Now that this thing has been buzzing around the web, Microsoft has changed the Poland page with the original image. They've also issued an apology for the image: Microsoft apologizes for changing race in photo. Yeah, somebody's getting fired.

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