student arrested for making threats at local college

College campus, gun, Asian male -- three things that I dread seeing together in one news story. Yesterday in Rockville, Maryland arrested 22-year-old Montgomery College student Dan Dadem Le after he made threats that led to an evacuation of a campus building: Threats Prompt Evacuation at Rockville Campus, Police Say.

On Monday morning, a call was made to 911 describing an Asian male waving a gun near the college's Counseling Advisory Building. About 22 officers from Rockville City Police, Montgomery County Police and the sheriff's office responded and evacuated people from the building.

Dispatchers tried numerous times to call the cell phone caller back, but were unable to reach him. Officers later tracked the call to Le and discovered he had been describing himself. He wasn't armed. According to police, he was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

What gives? Was something seriously wrong with this guy? Was it a ploy for attention? Was he playing up the gun-toting, school-shooting Asian male stereotype? Because these days, that will get the authorities' attention. Whatever the case, that guy's got problems.

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