vote afterschoolspecial in the san diego music awards

Check it out. My man Dan Matthews tells me that his group afterschoolspecial, who I've written about before, is currently up for Best Hip Hop at the 19th Annual San Diego Music Awards. They're a good band, and they've got a pretty good shot at winning, but they need your votes!

Here's how you can help them out. Go to the official ballot. Scroll down to the BEST HIP HOP category (mid way) and click on afterschoolspecial. Then click DONE at the very bottom of the screen. It's as simple as that.

It takes two seconds! The deadline is August 25. Every vote counts. They were also voted for Best Hip Hop Album (but you can't vote for that). To learn more about the San Diego Music Awards, go here. And to hear what afterschoolspecial's all about, visit their MySpace page here.

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