what I'm listening to: oof! by blue scholars

OOF! the new six-song EP from Seattle's Blue Scholars, is now available here. You can do the basic digital download, or choose from a variety of deluxe digital/CD packages. It's sort of a warm summertime record, apparently inspired by a trip to Hawaii, where they wrote "Hi-808," and the project grew from there.

By the way, Blue Scholars last full-length album Bayani is officially out of print, but they're re-releasing it next month with new art and three previously unreleased tracks. Bayani Redux drops on September 1. Get it.

I'm listening to OOF! right now, and really enjoying it. Definitely something a bit different from the Blue Scholars you might be familiar with. Here's an recent interview Geologic did with the Seattle Times: Geo aka Geologic aka George Quibuyen from Blue Scholars. For more on Blue Scholars, visit their website here.

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