win free stuff from 8asians

Times are tough, but that doesn't mean you can't go out and enjoy yourself. Our friend Joz over at 8Asians.com informs me to inform you that they're giving away free stuff. And everybody loves free stuff. They're running two separate giveaway packages, both supporting independent Asian American arts/entertainment.

The first one's for those of you in Los Angeles... You could win tickets to see 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors' Bow Down to Your Asian Masters, Lodestone Theatre Ensemble's Closer Than Ever, and East West Players' Art. A lucky winner gets a pair of tickets to all three events. To enter, go here: Los Angeles Giveaway: Asian American Arts Stimulus Package 2!

For those of you who can't take advantage of the Los Angeles giveaway, you can still score yourself a DVD copy of Jessica Yu's indie sports comedy Ping Pong Playa. Not just any copy -- a DVD signed by writer/star Jimmy Tsai. Ooooooh. To enter for your chance to win, go here: Giveaway: Ping Pong Playa DVD, Personally Autographed by Jimmy Tsai!

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