america's best dance crew season four: week 5

Last night, like usual, I tuned in to America's Best Dance Crew. Mostly out of habit now, because honestly, it's become pretty disappointing, and I find myself looking forward to it less and less. Last night's challenge: regional dance crazes and a trampoline. A trampoline?!

By the way, I had just watched season three winners Quest Crew perform live at the International Secret Agents concert. So yeah, my mind was kind of blown. As I explained on Twitter, Quest is America's Best Dance Crew. The end. You can't blame me for feeling a little underwhelmed by season four.

The way I see it, this season still has no clear frontrunners. But I think it's about time for AfroBorike to go home. Props to Massive Monkees, who put together an exciting, dynamic routine. If there's any crew this season that was made to rock a trampoline, I guess it's these guys.

And yes, it was definitely time for Vogue Evolution to get the boot. You've got to give it up for We Are Heroes, who landed in the bottom two again, and battled their way out again. This is a scrappy group of girls, and they deserve a shot at the top. Show them some love, America.

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