america's best dance crew season four: week 6

I wish I could unsee some of the stuff I watched on TV last night -- I'm talking about MTV Music Video Awards, of course. Instead, a bloody Lady Gaga haunted my nightmares. But anyway. Last night's America's Best Dance Crew was more of a lead-in to the awards than anything, but a few significant things did happen in the competition.

For one thing, We Are Heroes finally found themselves voted safe and out of the bottom two. At the bottom, Massive Monkees delivered arguably their best performance of the season, and beat out Rhythm City, who I was thinking had a good chance of making it to the end.

That leaves We Are Heroes, Massive Monkees and AfroBorike (who I got tired of a long time ago) still kicking in the competition. You know what that means? Can it be? Once again, two crews with Asian members have made it to the top three. I like it. But how the heck did that happen?

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