america's best dance crew season four: week 7

Weak. If I could submit anti-votes, they definitely would have gone to AfroBorike. How is it that they advanced to the final, and We Are Heroes and Massive Monkees were left to battle it out? Once again, we had the wrong two crews fighting for the second finalist spot.

In the end, We Are Heroes came out out on top, and I've got agree with the judges. As much as I enjoyed Massive Monkees, the all-girl group danced like they came to win, and they completely deserved to advance to the finals. You've got to hand it to them. They battled their way out of multiple eliminations, powered through injuries, and clawed their way to the end. And that final performance? Hot.

Gotta give props to Massive Monkees, who represented for the b-boys, and always delivered dynamic, entertaining performances week-to-week. Sorry to see them go like this, but it was fun while it lasted. And now... my vote is for We Are Heroes!

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