filipino canadian film critic alexis tioseco murdered

Heard about this crazy, tragic news out of the Philippines... Last week in Quezon City, widely-respected Filipino Canadian film critic Alexis Tioseco and his girlfriend were shot to death in their home by three unidentified men: Film critic Alexis Tioseco, girlfriend killed in QC home.

Tioseco and partner Nika Bohinc, a Slovenian film journalist, were shot several times by three men who waited for the couple to arrive home.

The fact that the killers waited for more than an hour for the couple raised suspicions among Tioseco's friends that robbery might not have been the main motive. Tioseco was also apparently involved in running his family's trucking business.

According to police investigators, the incident could be an inside job because the couple's new helper, identified only as Criselda, helped the suspects enter the house. The robbers hog-tied another helper, Magdalena Patpat, and shot Tioseco and Bohinc.

Using the couple's car, the suspects fled the scene with Criselda. They also took an undetermined amount of cash, jewelry, and four laptops.

I wasn't familiar with Tioseco's work, but I've read about him and heard from several people who knew him, who communicated what a tremendous loss his death is to the Asian film/lit world. Here's one of the emblematic pieces he wrote: The Letter I Would Love to Read To You In Person.

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