the filthiest apartment in queens?

This story out of New York just grosses me out... In Queens, police busted into an apartment to investigate an awful stench, expecting to find a dead, rotting body. Instead, they found tenant Ming Li Sung, very much alive -- just living within a heap of rotting garbage piled floor to ceiling: Cops find man isn't dead, just a slob.

I gagged a little just imagining the sight (and smell). Cops reportedly first noticed the smell when they were called to the apartment building that morning for a domestic dispute. I guess it was so bad, they just had to assume they'd find a body. Nope. Just an irate 69-year-old Chinese man living in his own personal landfill.

The smell has apparently been a problem for years, forcing tenants to move out. According to one neighbor, when an FDNY haz-mat team arrived to start excavating the garbage, an army of cockroaches poured out into the second-floor hallway. Urp. Excuse me, I just threw up a little in my mouth. The police reportedly did too.

Sung was taken to Elmhurst Hospital Center for psychiatric evaluation. He doesn't face any charges. I guess when you find a person living like those kinds of conditions, it's best to assume the guy is need of some help.

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