first photos of jay chou on the set of green hornet

The first set of on-set photos from the new Green Hornet have hit the web, including shots of Jay Chou as Kato, hanging out with co-star Cameron Diaz, as well as some shots of Jay Chou's stunt double in the full Kato uniform, mask and all: New 'Green Hornet' Pics Hit The 'Net: Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz And Jay Chou On Set. More here: here. And here.

Of course, pictures are just pictures. We'll have to see what this looks like when all is said and done. Nothing against Jay Chou, who honestly looks great here, but I'm still not quite over the fact that they cast a Taiwanese singer/actor as Kato. From everything I've seen and heard, this could've been fantastic breakthrough role for an Asian American actor.

Oh well. That train has departed from the station, and it's moving full speed ahead. We can only hope that Jay Chou does a kickass job with this, and at long last, this movie turns out to be as cool as everyone has been hoping for. Fingers crossed.

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