historic moment for new york city politics

After this week's election in New York City, not only is Councilman John Liu headed for a runoff in the race for City Comptroller, it looks like will be seeing at least three API City Councilmen (pending November elections). Asian Pacific Americans for Progress has the rundown: Kevin Kim, Yen Chou, Margaret Chin, Win; John Liu Headed For Runoff.
In District 19 (Bayside), Kevin Kim pulled off a convincing win in the Democratic Primary. Benefitting from high Korean turnout and aggressive fundraising. He will very likely become the first Korean-American city councilman in New York City. His only obstacle is a low key Republican candidate in this heavily Democratic district

In District 1 (Chinatown), Margaret Chin unseated incumbent Alan Gerson to become the first Chinese-American to represent Chinatown. The significance of this cannot be understated and it will finally give Chinatown tenants an advocate in the City Council. More than any other area of the city, Chinatown residents have faced the most daunting challenges in the city.

In District 20 (Flushing), the candidates were separated by only a few hundred votes and no candidate garnered more than 25% of the vote. Educator Yen Chou pulled off a surprise win over the other candidates. Disturbingly, anti-Asian candidate Issac Sasson came in second. Chou will now face a strong push from Republican Peter Koo in the November election.

South Asian candidates had mixed results with Stanley Kalathara, Rajiv Gowda and Swaranjit Singh losing but South Asian Republican Ashok Chandra won the nomination for District 4 (Upper East Side Manhattan). Chandra will face the popular Democratic incumbent in an uphill battle.
To me, the most significant, symbolic win was earned by Margaret Chin, who lost three previous bids for a City Council seat, but came back this time to beat two-term incumbent Alan Gerson by about 1,000 votes. This makes her the first Chinese American to represent Chinatown, and the first female Chinese American to be elected to the City Council: Chin Wins City Council Primary. More here: Victories Across City Resonate in Chinatown.

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