jeff yang, "oriental" and that mcdonald's mascot

Speaking of Daniel Liu's appearance on NPR, on the very same edition of Tell Me More, SFgate columnist Jeff Yang appeared as a guest to discuss New York's new law banning state documents form using the term "oriental" when referring to people of Asian Pacific heritage: 'Oriental': Rugs, Not People.

It's an informative segment, and Jeff articulates why this loaded term is offensive to so many Asian Americans. That's two back-to-back Asian American-related segments! Superhot models and outdated racial terms.

On his blog, Jeff notes that "The best thing, on the radio, I might as well be his identical twin. Like, imagine Daniel Liu's body with my head on it." Some wishful thinking that inspired this frightening visual. Yeah, not quite the same, Jeff.

Also, do check out Jeff's latest "Asian Pop' column, in which he weighs in on the controversy over McDonald's new mascot in Japan, the dorky white tourist "Mr. Jeff": McRacism in Japan?

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