model daniel liu on npr's tell me more

Remember Daniel Liu, the superhot Asian model who caused a minor freakout on the Asian American blogosphere last week? Believe it or not, NPR's Tell Me More ran a story on the 26-year-old rising star model -- one of the few Asian American male models working in the United States: Daniel Liu Redefines The Male Supermodel.

Very funny listening to Linda Werthheimer awkwardly interviewing Daniel about his budding career. I'm sorry, but it's pretty painful listening to a model talking about the actual job of modeling. But is it possible to hear someone blush over the radio?

And yes, this is radio, so you don't get any photos. That's why I've included the one above. It wasn't really my intention to post two blog entries with photos of shirtless Asian dudes, but that's just the way things worked out today. You're welcome.

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