music video: "date an asian" by jen kwok

Comedian/musician Jen Kwok sends me this silly little music video for "Date an Asian" (NSFW language), her comic ode to "the awesomeness of dating an Asian guy" -- who, let's face it, sometimes need a little love in the form of a smoothed-out R&B joint. My, look who's getting objectified now.

I have to admit, I got a kick out of it. According to the Date an Asian website, Jen wrote it as "a positive and lighthearted reaction to negative stereotypes about Asian guys." The song was originally written and performed on ukulele, and premiered at Gotham Comedy Club in 2008. The music video premiered at Sulu Series, a monthly showcase of Asian American artists.

Yes, Asian men come in all shapes and sizes -- and Jen loves them all. The video features a number of random familiar faces, like Phil Ne, Taiyo Na, Air Tabigue, Fred Chao and dance crew Part-Time Models.

I think I just love how unabashedly foul the chorus is -- it's oddly catchy. Unfortunately, this means I had the damn tune stuck in my head all weekend. And this is not a song you want be overheard humming at the supermarket.

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