music video: "heard 'em all" by amerie

Check out the music video for "Heard 'Em All" by Amerie, the second single from her upcoming fourth studio album In Love & War, due out in November from Def Jam. Like it? You can download the track from iTunesicon. Here's also some behind-the-scenes footage of the video shoot.

I think both the single and video are pretty damn hot. I've been a fan of Amerie's for a while, and I'm excited that she's finally releasing another U.S. album (she's had some label troubles over the last few years). Cool, right?

But what is up with this BET Blog referring to Amerie as a "chinky eyed queen"? The author obviously appreciates Amerie and her music, but somehow finds it okay to casually throw out offensive racial slurs to describe her appearance? (She's of Korean descent.) That's racist!

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