now it's just kate plus 8 minus jon

The rumors are true. TLC has announced that Jon and Kate Plus 8 is over. As of November 2, father-turned-douchebag Jon Gosselin will no longer be appearing on the "reality" show, and the show's name will be changed to simply Kate Plus Eight: Jon out, show renamed 'Kate Plus 8'.

According to TLC, network officials decided to change the show's title "to adapt to the changing Gosselin family," which is a nice way of saying that Jon and Kate now really really hate each other. Kate Plus Eight will "continue to chronicle the Gosselin family as they go on outings and tackle daily challenges and adventures."

Meanwhile, Jon Gosselin, who's reportedly making himself available for another reality show, will continue under contract to TLC and will appear on Kate Plus Eight on "a less regular basis"... as the little ones wonder why daddy reeks of cigarettes, booze and skank.

I'll admit, I was once a fan of this show. But it has quickly spiraled into the sad little saga of a really big family that should've turned the cameras off a long time ago. What they really need to do is cancel the show altogether, for the sake of the entire Gosselin clan. I hope TLC budgeted money to pay for serious therapy for eight kids.

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