a piece of art for peace of mind

A few weeks back, my man Ryan Suda of Blacklava handed me a postcard about a very cool workshop/networking initiative happening in Los Angeles starting this weekend: A Piece of Art for Peace of mind, the first in a series of workshops, networking events and minglers to introduce alternative perspectives and skill sets.

The program is designed for artists, hopefully helping them find a way of balancing practical and financial pressures, allowing them the space and time to create their art. Basically, the way he explained it to me, artists can create great art, but they tend to suck at many of the practical organizational aspects of their lives. A workshop or two could help.

Piece of Art addresses this issue through an introduction to subjects like investment, organization and accounting. By donating a piece of their art, artists gain access to the Piece of Art series and lecturers will have a chance to participate in later series. Cool, right? For more information, and to register for A Piece of Art for Peace of Mind, go here.

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