sam yoon and the countdown to boston's mayoral election

As you probably know, Boston City Councilor Sam Yoon is currently running for Mayor. The preliminary election is just 11 days away, and last night the candidates participated in their final debate, with challengers launching a full assault on Mayor Thomas Menino: Foes pummel Mayor Menino in debate.

Here's a good profile Sam Yoon and how's reaching out to a new generation of Boston's voters: Reaching out to a new generation. The more I read about Councilor Yoon, the more I like him -- he speaks the language of a reformer, and I believe he's trying to bring something different to Boston's business-as-usual politics.

Granted, I'm saying this as someone who doesn't live in Boston, and cannot actually vote for him in the prelim election on September 22. Maybe you can, and help him spread the word. As Yoon notes in the article, "If the vote is big and people turn out who want a new direction, then I'll do well. If the vote is small, I'm in big trouble."

I can't vote, but what I can do is donate to his campaign.

I don't have a lot of money, but I have a little, and I know that the hard reality of politics is that takes cash to run a competitive campaign. Sam Yoon has turned a lot of heads because support for his candidacy extends from far beyond Boston, but he still doesn't have the kind of special interest money his opponents are getting. Even donating a little will go a long way. To learn more about Sam Yoon, visit his campaign website here.

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