seriously? you're going to go with "nip"?

What the... Xian sent in this screenshot of a MLB.com headline that ran on Sunday evening. I know that "nip" has multiple meanings, but in this context, particularly when referring to Japanese pitcher Hiroki Kuroda fo the Dodgers, it's an extremely poor choice of words.

"Nip"? Really? It can't be a simple coincidence. There are plenty of ways to convey the outcome of this game, and none of them involve a term that could be construed as a racial slur. It's ridiculous. And this isn't the first time I've seen this happen.

Here's a suggestion... let's generally try to avoid using terms like "nip" and "chink in the armor" in headlines where we can avoid it. Particularly when we're talking about Asian players -- in a any sport. Honestly, I'm not trying to be the word police, but too often, it comes off like some snarky editor is trying to be waaay to hard to be clever. (Thanks, Xian.)

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