there is no market for asian american films

Just wanted to point you to his great blog entry by Philip over at You Offend Me You Offend My Family, on why protests against Hollywood studios (The Goods, for example) for their terrible representation of Asians in feature films will only get you so far: Hollywood and Asians: Why Protests Alone Won't Change Anything.

Basically, protests are one thing, and they do make a point on the rare occasion that the right people are listening. But contrary to popular belief, Hollywood isn't out to discriminate... nor is it out to make sure everyone is treated fairly. Hollywood is out to make a shitload of money. The end.

When it comes down to it, Hollywood studios effectively ignore the Asian American community because, frankly, they see no value in value in it. The only color they see is box office green, and right now, there is no realistic, viable market for Asian American films.

As Phil points out, we're more than willing to speak out when we see something that offends us... but until our community is willing to put down our money to support the work of Asian American filmmakers, nothing will change. Anyway, the post breaks it down quite nicely, so be sure to read it all here.

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