united features pulls the plug on secret asian man

Tak Toyoshima, the guy behind Secret Asian Man, informs me of some new developments with the comic strip... After just over three years of daily syndication with United Features, Secret Asian Man will shift gears and return to a weekly format. The last daily strip will run in papers on September 19.

Don't worry -- this isn't the end of Secret Asian Man. It just means that United Features has pulled the plug on the daily, which is definitely a bummer. But Tak also says the change will be liberating for him as an artist, allowing him to act on SAM-related projects without having to clear them.

This just means that the Secret Asian Man goes back to one large strip a week (like a Sunday comic format), and will still be seen in publications and websites that choose to continue running it. The characters and continuity will remain, though the last daily strip will apparently reveal a major development in SAM's life. Long live Secret Asian Man!

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