after the frat fight

Some more information on that fight that broke out last month at an off-campus Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity party near UCLA, in which seven people, including three students, were arrested: Fraternity pays a price for a party that got out of hand.

Alas, while the advertisement for the party promised to "show you how Lambdas throw the sickest house parties in town" and "the social life that you can't experience any where else!" Unfortunately, on that night, "social life" involved a fight breaking out and people getting stabbed.

One fraternity member was stabbed in the stomach, another student was stabbed in the arm and another hit over the head with a bottle. Four were ultimately charged with attempted murder and aggravated mayhem. One student was charged with being an accessory to aggravated mayhem.

Fraternity members apparently tried to get guests to leave the party after police responded to a noise complaint, but people continued to flood in. Somewhere during the course of all this, some guys got themselves into a fight, and the stabbing and bottle-breaking commenced.

The fight just seems to be latest in a string of incidents casting a negative shadow on Lambda Phi Epsilon chapters nationwide. It's not the fraternity itself -- I know plenty of Lambdas who are upstanding young men, and believe in what the organization supposedly stands for. But damn, they really need some better PR.

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