bad halloween costumes 2009

It's that time of year again. The Awl has a post compiling some of the most idiotic, offensive Halloween costumes available out there: Your Halloween Costume: A Bigot. For instance, the Teen Asian Dragon Lady. Yes, your teenage daughter can dress up like a Suzie Wong-like prostitute, complete with Oriental fan.

Or how about this grotesque Fee Ling You Mask, which is just... I don't know even know what the hell this guy is supposed to be, but looking at the mask kind of makes me sick. Here's the description:
With a smile that you'll never forget, Fee Ling Yu will capture your heart... and your soul. If you’ve ordered take-out and you see this fortune cookie at your door, keep it locked. Not the usual Halloween mask.
Clearly, the mask is supposed to resemble the face of an Asian guy. That is, if the Asian guy looks like Sloth from the The Goonies. I swear, if you come knocking at my door on Halloween wearing this mask, asking for candy, I'm slamming the door in your idiotic face.

Alas, even dogs aren't immune to bad Halloween costume ideas. Here's an entire feature dedicated to 25 Creative Dog Costumes, including the Chinese Food Dog above. That's just wrong. In fact, the whole things seems to be a sad parade of canine humiliation. Silly dog owners, you're crazy.

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