birthday ends in hate crime murder

Some crazy hate crime news out of Australia... In New South Wales, 23-year-old James Anthony Dean-Wilcocks has been charged with beating 67-year-old Magno Alvarado to death in a drunken race-hate killing: James Anthony Dean-Willcock's birthday ends in murder charge.

Dean-Wilcocks apparently decided to "celebrate" his 23rd birthday Saturday night by getting drunk and beating Alvarado, who was Filipino. Neighborhood residents told police they were woken at about 5:30am to a male yelling "F-ck off back to Japan":
According to a statement tendered by police to Parramatta Bail Court a man was heard to cry: "Help, help." One witness said he went out to his balcony and allegedly saw a man "fling the victim on to the footpath, pick up the victim, shake him and throw him to the ground."

The accused then allegedly punched Mr Alvarado to the head and body up to 10 times.

Another witness told police he saw the victim thrown on to the road, with Mr Dean-Willcocks seen "on top of the victim punching him".

"He (Mr Dean-Willcocks) was heard to yell out 'ya Jap' and "Azza, Azza, Azza," police will allege.

Another described seeing Mr Alvarado tackled, "body slammed" and punched many times.

One witness told police he yelled at Mr Dean-Willcocks to stop, asking what he was doing.

"Mate, he is Japanese and he deserves it," the accused allegedly answered. It is understood Mr Alvarado was Filipino.
Thtat's racist! Alvarado was rushed to a hospital but died later that day. Dean-Wilcocks has since told police that he had "no recollection" of the incident and his last memory was "some time in the early hours of the morning." Worst birthday ever, James Anthony Dean-Wilcocks. You're a racist, and you killed a man.

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