crappy halloween costume: "illegal alien"

You've got to be kidding me. This "Illegal Alien" costume, available at Target, has been stirring up controversy among immigrant right activists, saying the outfits are an attack on illegal immigrants: Immigrant activists call out 'Illegal Alien' costumes.

As you can see, the "Illegal Alien Adult Costume," manufactured by Forum novelties, includes an orange jumpsuit, similar to prison garb, with "Illegal Alien" stamped in black across the chest; a space alien mask; and a fake Green Card. The "Illegal Alien Mask with Hat" also includes a space alien mask, this time with a dark handlebar mustache and a baseball cap.

You know you're going to see more than a few idiots out wearing the damn thing this Halloween. At the very least, the costume is in monumentally bad taste (then again, Halloween traditionally seems to be an excuse to exercise bad taste). The good news is, as of Saturday afternoon, Target had pulled the costume from its website.

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