euna lee reportedly shopping a book deal

Word on the street is, Current TV journalist Euna Lee, who was detained by North Korea for several months with fellow reporter Laura Ling in North Korea earlier this year, is currently shopping around a book about her ordeal: Inside North Korea's weird world.

As you know, the two journalists were doing a story on human trafficking in the region back in March when they were arrested for unlawfully wandered from China into North Korean territory. The were released in August following a visit to Pyongyang by former President Bill Clinton.

Ms. Lee and her literary agent were reportedly meeting with New York publishers last week. According to one insider, an interesting aspect of the project is that Euna, who speaks Korean, could provide a rare glimpse inside the bizarre dictatorship.

Shortly after they were freed, it was reported that Laura Ling was shopping around a book proposal with her sister Lisa. You know what? I'll be honest -- I would absolutely buy and read both of these books.

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