flaherty + yoon = 'floon' and the battle for boston mayor

Here's a Boston Globe story on former mayoral candidate Sam Yoon, who was defeated last month in the preliminary election, but soon after joined forces Michael Flaherty in an effort to oust Mayor Thomas M. Menino: 'Floon' tag team shakes up traditional mayoral battle.

Their unlikely alliance, a mad-genius marriage of convenience and political strategy, has apparently transformed the Boston mayoral race. also dramatically changed the relationship between two ambitious politicians who were often at odds, not only in the campaign, but also on the City Council.

The crazy idea was conceived three days after the preliminary election, when Flaherty needed to shake up the race to have any hope of unseating the mayor. Flaherty had advanced to the final election with 24 percent of the vote, to Menino's 50.5 percent, while Yoon was eliminated with 21 percent.

So Flaherty met with Yoon and offered him the position of deputy mayor, if he were elected. It goes to show anything can happen in the name of a common goal. And that goal is getting rid of the current mayor for Boston's sake. We'll see how it all shakes down on November 3.

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